Welcome to SATTLER – where the art of lighting design meets decades of family tradition! Since our beginnings in the chic 50s, we have grown into a globally active company. In our own factory in Göppingen, talented craftsmen conjure up each of our unique lights with dedication and attention to detail. Ready to immerse yourself in the world of sophisticated lighting design? Click on one of the links to get in touch with us directly and make your enquiry easily by phone or email. Or delve deeper and find out more about the history and values that make SATTLER what it is today.

What makes us unique?




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Made in Germany

At SATTLER, we combine functional design, innovative manufacturing approaches and a focus on sustainability. Our motto “LIGHT IN NEW DIMENSIONS” is reflected in the continuous development of new luminaires and lighting solutions. Click here for more information on our sustainability strategy and SATTLER-RE. Our products are characterised by high-quality materials such as brushed aluminium, anodised bronze, black, champagne gold or polished aluminium. Production in our own factory gives us full control over the manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality standards. We pride ourselves on our outstanding quality and rely on true craftsmanship.


Today, in the second and third generation, we are still a family-run company, managed by Ulrich Sattler and his son Sven Sattler. They continue to drive the company’s development and rely on close cooperation with regional partners to fulfil individual customer wishes.


From the initial idea to the finished product, we have everything under control in the company. Creative designers, technically skilled engineers and skilful craftsmen work hand in hand to create unique lights of outstanding quality and design. Our trademark? We are masters of in-house production, everything is done in-house.


Made in germany

At SATTLER, we believe in true craftsmanship. Carefully selected materials and production methods create confidence in our production location in Germany. Close cooperation with regional partners enables us to fulfil individual customer wishes. Trust in the quality and commitment of SATTLER.


Would you like to find out more about our unique luminaires, receive lighting design support or realise a special project? Contact us without hesitation. Our dedicated team is ready to answer your questions and guide you every step of the way.

Whether it’s customised solutions for your home, office or other spaces, we’re here to make your vision a reality. SATTLER uniquely combines quality, design and functionality to make any space shine. Contact us today to find out more or to work together on an extraordinary lighting project. We look forward to hearing from you and supporting your lighting needs.

SATTLER Webinar – Sonderprojekte

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Sven Sattler persönlich wird Sie bei einer Live-Übertragung im Showroom willkommen heißen und Ihnen realisierte Sonderprojekte präsentieren.


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