Selected luminaires for your very own favourite place
Selected luminaires for your very own favourite place
Selected luminaires for your very own favourite place


We want to inspire you with a careful selection of our products specially tailored to the living space and have therefore launched our “LIVING COLLECTION”. Our selected products set pleasant accents in modern interior design and are at the same time unobtrusive as well as timelessly beautiful design objects.

The luminaires of the LIVING COLLECTION captivate with their noble anodised or polished surfaces and graceful shapes, which, when combined with different luminaires, enable a uniform design language in the complete living area. SATTLER design luminaires with the latest LED technology in combination with innovative dimming modes adapt individually to the technical conditions on site and guarantee a harmonious light pattern.



Whether pendant luminaire, spotlight, floor or table luminaire, all convince with well-designed details, valuable materials and noble surface finishes. Individually or creatively combined, the SATTLER “LIVING COLLECTION” offers the right light for every living area.

Here are a few application examples of luminaires from the LIVING COLLECTION that show how harmoniously they fit into the room architecture and set very special accents with their stylish design that will delight you for a long time.

PALITO – in the kitchen area, with individually adjustable tilt angle and gesture dimming

DOPPIO ELLIPSE – direct/indirect lighting above the dining area, 220 cm x 91 cm.

TOCCATA – The modern version of the classic chandelier, Ø 155cm.

FINO Floor lamp – Exclusive bronze brushed anodised finish

AVVENI PENDANT 1 – As a single luminaire or in combination, for the most diverse applications
PALITO WALL – Flexible, rotating and swiveling wall lamp with effective light pattern
SLIM TABLE – Simple elegance, with flexible touch dimmer
AVVENI SINGLE – Color-coordinated, for accentuated light at the kitchen workstation
DOPPIO LINEA – Linear, direct/indirect luminaire, ideal for use above counters and tables.

In our opinion, the staging of the interior lives to a great extent on light. It is precisely for this purpose that we create light sources in our company that bring the interior to life and at the same time become an object of interior design. Become an object, so to speak. The SATTLER LIVING COLLECTION gives you the possibility to set lasting accents with selected lights from our house and to plan comfortably with all technical details and prices summarized in a catalogue. Thus you may create new favourite places according to the individual taste of the customer.



Since the character of a luminaire is strongly influenced by the materials used, we attach great importance to their selection and use only high-quality materials. In addition, we rely on selected finishing processes, which give our luminaires that certain something.


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German manufacturer

In order to achieve the desired high quality standards, a lot of manual work goes into SATTLER luminaires. Our luminaire production in Göppingen near Stuttgart is regionally oriented and we have been working for years only with selected partners who, like us, are committed to qualitative products and innovative manufacturing techniques.



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