Lightsystem AVVENI from SATTLER wins the highest award of the German Focus Open 2016

AVVENI is a modular LED-lighting system that can easily be integrated in different room situations due to the extensive variations of this product family. Its extremely high degree of flexibility is impressive: AVVENI luminaires can be used to illuminate either as a single spot or as a complex structure spanning an entire room. AVVENI can be placed in domestic and commercial projects as a table, floor, wall, or ceiling light or as a pendant branched-out structure. Due to its complex structural design, AVVENI is ideally suited for the illumination of large and high ceiling rooms in commercial buildings.

Like all SATTLER luminaires, AVVENI follows a distinctive minimalism and shows very clear and precise stylistic elements. Finishes are carefully selected and applied with the highest precision and attention to details. However, not only the design, but also the functions and the technical features are impressive. First of all, the innovative magnetic hinge system allows the light heads to rotate close to 360 degrees while the complete heads may be taken off at any time and reattached in an instant. Furthermore, the light heads are available in a flood and in a spot version from 2700 Kelvin up to 4000 Kelvin.

From a lighting designer’s point of view the AVVENI also offers a lot of possibilities to work with after installation and throughout everyday usage. The spot version of the light heads come in a nine degree basic version, but a magnetic snap-on system with filigree adaptors allows to change the beam angle at any time to 25, 36, or 60 degrees.

Moreover, the light temperature may be shifted towards a 10-35 percent warmer light output or a honeycomb antiglare adapter may be added. Hence, the system enables the user to create different room atmospheres for different occasions and events. On top of this, every light head of the AVVENI may be addressed individually through DALI or Bluetooth. This flexibility facilitates the creation of different pre-programmed light scenes and moods throughout the whole project.

Ulrich Sattler himself has developed the AVVENI LED-lighting system in collaboration with the code2design agency. SATTLER is a family business run by Ulrich Sattler and located in Germany. The company is designer and manufacturer of high-quality luminaires, offering sculptural luminaires of extremely high quality from design to production and enjoys an excellent international reputation. SATTLER luminaires are therefore coveted interior items for foyers, shops and malls, prestigious residential buildings, and executive suites all over the world.

Photos: Reiner Pfisterer (2)  / Andreas Körner (1)



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