EVF Göppingen

Creative lighting design on three levels

The honeycomb structure of FAVO NET structures the room height

Creative lighting design on three levels

The honeycomb structure of FAVO NET structures the room height



Flexibly controllable – FAVO THE LIGHT NET

in the new showroom of EVF Göppingen, Energieversorgung Filstal 

For more than 150 years Energieversorgung Filstal (EVF) has been a competent and certified service provider for gas, energy and water. In the meantime, EVF has become one of the ten largest energy suppliers in Baden-Württemberg and continues to present itself as a modern energy supplier, also with the new customer centre opened in March 2020.


“EVF is prepared for the manifold demands made on a modern energy supplier. With the modern, bright, light-flooded design, we not only want to give our customer centre a contemporary flair, but also symbolically present EVF to the public “even more customer-oriented”,” 

says Dr. Martin Bernhart, Managing Director of EVF, proudly.


The Architects blocher partners describe their project as: 

„Inviting service centre and modern office world

The new administration building of Filstal Energy Supply (EVF) in Göppingen bespeaks grandeur in an urban context, suggesting openness and transparency towards customers and staff. With its inviting customer centre, exhibition area and training kitchen, and with workplaces based on the New Work principle, the building represents the highest quality of living and working.[…]

Reflecting the company’s down-to-earth character, the building has a compact, clear structure. Its architectural language is built upon a play with dualities: Contrasting with the well-defined, cubic shape and interior surfaces in exposed concrete are more gentle shapes – such as round seating niches and counters – and the warmth of wood accents.

Connecting the ground floor and first upper level is a sculptural staircase whose laser-cut sheet steel core expresses the EVF values: strength, quality and dependability.“


The extensive energy network.

In the entrance area of the newly designed office and exhibition building, the honeycomb structures of the FAVO luminaires arranged on three levels create a harmonious structure and link the ground floor with the upper floor. The exhibition area on the ground floor can thus be flexibly illuminated by the individually controllable luminaire heads of  FAVO THE LIGHT NET .



13.3 m² with 110 heads of 5-6W (approx. 660W) each – divided into three levels with 55, 26 and 29 luminaire heads. Each luminaire head is equipped with three spots for direct lighting and a small additional spot for indirect lighting, which in turn can all be controlled individually.


Architects: blocher partners
Photos: Joachim Grothus 
Steel stairs: MetallArt Treppen GmbH, Salach

>> Project report blocher partners.


The on-schedule installation and programming was carried out by SATTLER’s own installation team. 


Product information: 


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