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MONARI HEADQUARTERS GRONAU  – monari is a future-oriented and internationally active fashion label for demanding and fashion-loving women with over 200 employees, 16 stores, 500 partner areas and a further 2200 retail partners in 37 countries.

monari shapes ideas and expresses heart and passion with its collections – this is also reflected in its headquarters in Gronau, where space has been created for communication and creativity. With an open spatial concept and creative architecture, an innovative ambience was created that welcomes visitors as early as in the entrance area with a spacious, light-flooded foyer that opens upwards over three floors.


In the foyer of the monari headquarters, the combination of a light concrete look and black accents, speaks a clear rectangular language of form. Here, the luminaire sculpture by SATTLER consisting of six golden SLIM OUT ring luminaires sets a deliberate contrast – round meets square. An eye-catcher with that certain something.

The selected fine surface colours together with the graceful profiling of the rings underline the noble overall impression of this individual chandelier. Thanks to the asymmetrical, staggered suspension, the luminaire fits perfectly into the three-floor foyer and seems to float in the room like dancing rings. The ring luminaires from the SATTLER SLIM series in diameters of 900, 1240 and 1900 mm have a colour temperature of 4000 Kelvin.

Just as the customers in monari’s dresses enjoy a luminous outward appearance with their outfits, the chandelier consisting of the six SLIM OUT ring lights also shines outwards, highlighting their golden centre in a special and charming way.

Project: Monari Foyer 
Project participants: Monari, Elektro Albers
Design Monari administration building: Deeken-Henke Architekten
Photos: Copyright Monari


Ring luminaires of the SATTLER portfolio offer creative scope for designing unusual lighting solutions. Whether it’s the filigree SLIM series with a profile only 23mm wide, the DOPPIO series with direct/indirect light emission or the CIRCOLO series with a diameter of up to 3500mm, all luminaires can be perfectly combined in different diameters and suspended variably in height by means of almost invisible, flexible wire suspension. Powder-coated surfaces in various colours or polished surfaces give the luminaires an exclusive look. Equipped with state-of-the-art light control technology as well as high-quality LEDs, the luminaires thus set striking accents everywhere.



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