One Mabledon Place, LONDON

One Mabledon Place

The Halo Building, LONDON

The largely automated medical lab – one of Europe’s largest of this kind – is based in central London on Euston Road near King´s Cross / St Pancras and is a joint venture between The Doctors Laboratory, University College London Hospitals and the Royal Free Hospital. The 11,500 sq.m facility is located in a fully refurbished mid-20th century building. The former office building has been extensively rebuilt and enlarged. The structure comprises 11 storeys above ground and five basements.

Visitors are welcomed in the spacious foyer by 14 floating ring luminaires in different sizes. By use of direct/indirect lighting and flexible colour control, the light rings enable nuanced lighting, which perfectly harmonises with the room architecture. In the modern meeting and office areas, individual lighting is achieved with various pendant luminaires by SATTLER, such as GIRATA and DOPPIO, which are fitted with state-of-the-art LED light technology.

Architects: Steffian Bradley Architects
Delivered by: Atrium Ltd.



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