SOS Children’s Village, Düsseldorf

Housing - daycare - education under one roof
Housing - daycare - education under one roof

The new building of the SOS Children’s Village in Düsseldorf
offers diverse, creative possibilities

The three-part building ensemble designed by KRESINGS architectural office and currently nominated for the polis AWARD 2022 combines not only residential groups and children’s village families, but also a district café, a day-care centre, a multi-generation house and an educational centre. A freely accessible playground serves as a meeting place for all residents of the neighbourhood. 

The friendly façade design with vertical wooden slats is also continued in the open architecture of the interior rooms, where floor-to-ceiling windows allow generous views and insights. The cafeteria is characterised by natural colour tones, which, supported by large ring luminaires with soft light output, create a harmonious atmosphere. A total of 24 ACOUSTIC LIGHT PANELS with a diameter of 1272 mm or 1582 mm were installed in the building, combining homogeneous light and a reduction of reverberation in the room in equal measure. The 45 mm flat ring lights are equipped with an additional, special acoustic membrane that contributes to an audible improvement in acoustics. 

Loosely suspended, the ring-shaped light/acoustic elements in combination with additional 21 pure ACOUSTIC PANELS provide not only the lighting effect but also significantly improve room acoustics. Which is very noticeable in rooms with a lot of conversations and meetings going on

Harmonious light and sound insulation for small ears
Harmonious light and sound insulation for small ears

Better room acoustics and beautifully designed lighting perfectly combined

Often there are many children in one room in day-care centres and schools – this means a high noise level from which children and adults suffer alike. The topic of noise in educational facilities and daycare centres has therefore increasingly become the focus of public and scientific interest in recent years. Acoustic measurements show high noise levels and long reverberation times in many facilities – including freshly refurbished buildings and new buildings.

The SATTLER portfolio includes various luminaires that have an effect on room acoustics in different ways and lead to a noticeable improvement.

The mixture of simple, elegant luminaire shapes and the additional advantage of the light/acoustic combination will convince you.

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Project: SOS Kinderdorf Düsseldorf
Photo: © Barbara Burg + Oliver Schuh, Palladium Photodesign
Architect: KRESINGS Architektur Düsseldorf GmbH

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