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Due to the fact that the characteristics of a luminaire are strongly influenced by the materials used, we consider the selection of the materials highly important and only make use of high-quality raw materials. In addition to this, we place great emphasis on select finishing processes, which add a certain something to our luminaires, thus making them unique and helping them to stand apart from the rest.

In the course of product development, the materials are examined for a large number of characteristics and are adjusted in great detail to fulfill technical requirements, e.g. thermal conductivity. Furthermore, optical and acoustic properties are considered in the design process. As far as refinement is concerned, we provide five standard surfaces, amongst which exclusive variants such as hand-polished aluminum or crocodile black (powder coating with texture).

These extraordinary standard surfaces are complemented by our individual surfaces. We would especially like to draw your attention to our selection of bronze and brass patina as well as our  leather and real wood veneer finishes.


Our luminaires owe their clear design language to the details incorporated in them. These details can be found in the design as well as in the technical implementation and we meticulously ensure that every small part fits nicely into the overall design. By doing so, our profiles exhibit, for example, many seamless transitions between different materials and components. In addition, thick supply lines are replaced with live steel cable suspensions (for luminaires up to a diameter of 180 cm) which make them appear to float in the room, thus lending them a unique lightness.

Different elements are attributed with multiple functions, e.g. in the case of Circolo Slim Table: The aluminium luminaire body can be used as a casing or as a heat sink and also provides the interface for the built-in touch dimmer. The individual elements are therefore consciously designed for the reduction of optical gimmicks and contribute to the elegant and timeless aesthetics of our luminaires.

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