Paladio Impressions


Thanks to its modular concept, the PALADIO luminaire system allows extensive planning freedom when designing lighting solutions for different rooms. The consistently minimalist design and the possibility of combining a wide variety of luminaire types allows a wide range of lighting solutions. Whether as a PALADIO single or system luminaire, with prisms or lens reflectors, the choice is yours. In addition, the PALADIO TRACK version offers the option of flexibly positioning lighting elements and selected luminaires from the SATTLER portfolio via a track. A wide range of recessed, surface-mounted and pendant mounting options allow the most diverse on-site conditions to be catered for.


The microprismatic diffuser of the PALADIO PRISM provides glare control with high efficiency. Thanks to its multi-layered structure, the diffuser ensures freedom from glare and a homogeneous light pattern with precise light distribution. Thanks to the prismatic surface structure, the light is emitted and distributed by the luminaire at a precisely defined angle, preventing unwanted glare and reflections.


Luminaires in the PALADIO LENS series have highly efficient mini lens reflectors. This innovative system combines the advantages of lenses and reflectors. The recessed lens distributes the luminous flux and the reflector reliably reduces lateral glare.

Thanks to these extremely low glare values (UGR<19), the luminaire complies with the EN 12464-1 standard. The lenses have a beam angle of 60° as standard or optionally 80°


Detail: flush mount reflector; bündiger Linseneinsatz für PALADIO TRACK

PALADIO TRACK offers a high degree of flexibility and design freedom in planning thanks to the integrated 48V DALI track. Specially developed linear lighting elements and selected luminaires from the SATTLER portfolio can be easily combined to create high-performance lighting systems that fulfill even the highest design requirements.

The PALADIO CONNECT connecting elements make it easy to realise even the most complex structures.

PALADIO single luminaires

PALADIO is the contemporary interpretation of a classic, technical linear luminaire. With a 35 mm or 54 mm narrow profile, the linear PALADIO series impresses with a high-quality aluminium body with an elegant feel. Optionally equipped with a “PRISM” microprismatic diffuser, a “LENS” mini lens reflector or a “TRACK” track. 7 different lengths and 5 mounting options open up a wide range of applications.

PALADIO system luminaires

Equipped with the same features as the PALADIO individual luminaires, PALADIO system luminaires enable a row arrangement in which even the different PRISM, LENS and TRACK types can be combined with each other, regardless of the selected mounting variant. The use of optional PALADIO CONNECT connectors creates flexibly complex linear lighting structures across rooms.

PALADIO – elegant surfaces

Whether with real wood veneer, anodised and brushed or hand-polished aluminium, the selected surface structure gives the PALADIO series an exclusive touch. Anodising creates a hard, wear-resistant layer that optimally protects the underlying aluminium housing of the luminaire. Other luminaires in the SATTLER portfolio are available with the same finish and can therefore be optimally combined with the PALADIO series.

PALADIO 35 PRISM with real wood veneer “Walnut”

PALADIO 35 PRISM in hand polished aluminium

PALADIO 35 PRISM in copper, (brushed and varnished)

Real wood veneer

46 Elm
47 Oak
48 Cherry wood
49 smoked Eucalyptus
50 American Walnut

Special Surfaces

84 copper, (brushed and varnished)
22 hand polished aluminium

Anodised, brushed

65 champagne gold
66 bronze
60 silver
60 black

PALADIO – glare-free UGR < 19

The PALADIO series impresses with its outstanding technical values. With a UGR value of UGR < 19 (LENS and PRISM 54 UGR-version), it is glare-free and therefore suitable for office workplaces in accordance with workplace guidelines. A CRI > 90 is a matter of course for us. Thanks to the very high-quality LEDs and power supply units used, we can guarantee a service life of L 80 | B10 | 72,000 h.

The PALADIO TRACK with a 48V track system offers free design freedom

Linear lighting elements

PALADIO linear lighting elements in black for PALADIO TRACK (track DC 48V DALI, black) – Using the integrated magnetic adapter, lighting elements with reflector, 240° swivelling reflector, microprism or opal diffuser can be positioned as required on the 48V track of the PALADIO profile (dimmable via DALI or CASAMBI).

Detail: flush mount reflector; bündiger Linseneinsatz für PALADIO TRACK

New: With flush mounted lens reflector

Lens reflector

Opal diffuser


Decorative spotlights and pendant luminaires

for PALADIO TRACK (track DC 48V DALI, black) using an adapter. Surface-mounted luminaires from the SATTLER portfolio, such as FINO SPOT 2, FINO PENDANT, PALITO, EVOLUTION SPOT, AVVENI SPOT and AVVENI PENDANT, can be freely positioned on the PALADIO TRACK luminaire profile using the magnetic adapter.

Mounting versions

System and individual luminaires in the PALADIO series are available in 5 different mounting versions. Whether as a pendant luminaire, surface-mounted ceiling luminaire, recessed luminaire with or without edge for plasterboard ceilings or recessed luminaire in concrete ceilings, you have the right solution for every application.


Pendant luminaire with direct or direct and indirect lighting with continuously height-adjustable steel cable (1500 mm).


Surface-mounted luminaire with direct lighting.


Recessed light with rim, direct lighting, pre-assembled retaining clip for easy installation in plasterboard ceilings


Recessed light for rimless installation in plasterboard ceiling with direct lighting


Recessed light for rimless installation in concrete ceiling with direct lighting

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PALADIO series

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