As a manufacturer of high-quality luminaires, we put particular emphasis on the technical components used in our products. In order to offer our clients outstanding quality in accordance with the highest possible usefulness, our design team closely works with our research and development team. For this, we rely on internal as well as external specialists with extraordinary technical, theoretical, and practical knowledge. This close exchange of expertise has enabled us to find practicable solutions for seemingly unsolvable technical challenges in the past and has also enabled us to implement new product ideas and forms in the market.

However, the most important components of our luminaires are the controls and light sources used. In order to guarantee a consistently high lighting quality and efficient production processes for all our luminaires, we resort to our LED boards, which we have developed in-house and which have been especially harmonized with our products. These LED boards are the centerpiece of our products. The LED technology used enables us to design energy-saving luminaires with a high lighting quality in different light colors. The exact fit into the aluminum housing of our luminaires ensures life spans of well over 50,000 hours due to the high cooling capacities



SATTLER Webinar – Sonderprojekte

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Sven Sattler persönlich wird Sie bei einer Live-Übertragung im Showroom willkommen heißen und Ihnen realisierte Sonderprojekte präsentieren.


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