All important questions about the take-back guarantee

The take-back guarantee applies to all products that leave our factory from 01.01.2023 onwards. Depending on the luminaire and project, we are also happy to take back luminaires that were delivered before this date.

In principle, the take-back guarantee applies to products that are installed in Germany and within the European Union. Unfortunately, the return of the luminaires from outside this area is much more complex with regard to customs and taxes.

If a 2. life cycle makes no sense both economically and ecologically. In particular, if the emissions balance sheet or the costs of disassembly, return transport and reprocessing are significantly higher than those of new production, then we do not take back luminaires.

This is decided by a team from SATTLER. For this purpose, a brief analysis is conducted and then, on the basis of an emissions balance sheet and cost accounting, a decision is made as to whether a RE-process makes economically and ecologically sense.

Depending on the agreement, we take over the disassembly. That depends on where the luminaire is installed. We have partners in various regions who take care of this. Or we can arrange for our own installation team to collect the luminaire.

In the case of a return against payment, we offer a credit note. The amount of this credit note is determined by a brief analysis on the condition of the luminaire. This calculation includes the costs for dismantling, return transport, reconditioning and subsequent marketing.

No. As a rule, we bear the costs for the return shipment. And, by the way, also the costs for packaging.

1. The take-back process starts with the owner or an authorised institution contacts SATTLER GmbH to start the take-back process.

2. During this process, the rough and basic data of the luminaire(s) is determined. This data includes at least:

a. Owner of the object & address

b. First purchaser of the luminaires

c. Product name, number and dimensions

d. Product images

→ Overall picture of premises

→ individual pictures of the luminaires

→ Detailed pictures of any damage

→ Detailed picture of the product declaration sticker on the luminaire

→ If possible: picture of installation situation of external technical units

At present, we are not able to offer this service for products of other manufacturers due to personnel and technical resources.

Basically, all luminaires bodies will be reconditioned so that they come as close as possible to their new condition. Deep dents or scratches cannot always be completely removed from a technical point of view. From a functional point of view, i.e. LED, power supply unit and suspension, the luminaires are brought up to a level where they can have a real 2. life. We replace or leave technical components according to our best economic and ecological conscience. As an approximate rule of thumb, you can assume that a SATTLER-RE luminaire has at least 80% of the efficiency of a current luminaire. Each luminaire receives a protocol from us so that it is immediately recognisable how it was refurbished.

All SATTLER-RE luminaires are subject to the statutory provisions on product warranties.
We give a 2-year warranty on our SATTLER-RE luminaires.

You can buy SATTLER-RE products via our online shop, which will be online from around April 2023, or by contacting our sales team.

Not yet, but we are currently in the process of having our first products CO2 certified with Climate Partner.
The certification of parts of our new product range is also currently in process.

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