Take-Back-Guarantee & Procedures

We want to avoid recycling in the future.

Our motto is: reuse – refurbish – remanufacture

The return of all our luminaires from 01.01.2023 on is a key part of our contribution to the circular economy. All our actions and decisions related to SATTLER-RE are based on a future-oriented overall concept, which starts at the design process. We are in the middle of the adaptation procedure of redesigning all our luminaires in such a way that we can lead them efficiently and economically justifiable into a 2nd life cycle when they are taken back today, in 5, 10 or 20 years.


There are only three ways for us to do this:

reuse, refurbish or remanufacture

We would like to avoid recycling our luminaires in the future.

Take-Back Policy

1. SATTLER guarantees

a. depending on the luminaire, the take-back against payment or free of charge,

b. the supply of suitable packaging materials on site,

c. the coverage of the costs for the return transportation of the luminaires and, depending on the agreement, also the dismantling of the luminaires by the SATTLER team or a contracted service provider.


2. SATTLER offers a refund for returned luminaires.

a. The refund is exclusively in the form of a voucher with a validity of three years. A value voucher can be granted up to a maximum of 50% of the amount of the newly purchased product.

b. The amount of the value credit depends on:

→ the type of product,

→ the return condition, and

→ the method of return (return shipment and/or disassembly).

3. the option of taking back luminaires for reconditioning is limited to products or luminaires of the SATTLER brand.

4. the take-back guarantee applies to all luminaires with an invoice date from 01.01.2023. luminaires with an invoice date before 01.01.2023 will also be taken back, however SATTLER reserves the right to refrain from taking them back in individual cases.

5. the option to return luminaires concerns products from projects or objects that are to be replaced as part of a renovation or refurbishment. The return of products from projects of a modernization will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

6. SATTLER reserves the right to exclude luminaires which are not suitable for recycling due to their technical or optical condition.

7. only lights which have been installed in Germany or within the EU can be taken back.

8. the way of taking back custom and architectural luminaires is subject to case-by-case examination & decision.

9. the current take-back conditions of SATTLER GmbH apply to the take-back of SATTLER brand products.

10. take-back can only take place within the scope of the capacities

The Take-Back-Process SATTLER

As part of the take-back process, the owner or an authorized institution (hereinafter referred to as the “Returning Party”) contacts SATTLER GmbH to start the take-back process.

2. During this process, the initial framework data of the luminaire or luminaires are documented. This data includes:

a. Information about the owner of the object & the address

b. Details of the initial purchaser of the luminaires

c. Product name, number and dimensions

d. Product images

→ overall picture of premises

→ Individual pictures of the luminaires

→ Detailed pictures of any damage

→ Detail picture of the sticker of the product declaration on the luminaire.

→ If possible: picture installation situation external technical units.

3. After receiving detailed information, SATTLER will prepare a status report.

4. after creating the status protocol, the owner or an authorized entity negotiates the commercial conditions for the return of the products. This is always done on a case-by-case or project basis.

5. in addition, the returning party & SATTLER agree how the process of return for this specific case makes the most sense from an economic and ecological point of view.

a. Packing by the returning party or packing & disassembly by SATTLER

b. Time of collection of the packed products by SATTLER or disassembly by SATTLER or a contracted service provider.

6. the packaging material for the return of the luminaires shall be provided by SATTLER.

7. the decision whether the returned luminaires will be reused, refurbished or remanufactured will be made on a case-by-case basis and only after the final inventory has been taken at the manufactory in Göppingen.

SATTLER will put the returned luminaires back into circulation at its own cost and expense. It will always be decided on a case-by-case basis via which distribution channel the lights will be reintroduced to the market.

Göppingen, January 18, 2023

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