Designers’ Saturday Langenthal, Switzerland

Designers’ Saturday Langenthal, Switzerland 5./6.11.2016

More than 70 national and international brands as well as leading universities and design studios are visualizing ethos, values and products on six venues – at the working places of the local design industry.

The Designers’ Saturday is being held at six different locations in and around Langenthal. These are linked by an efficient shuttle bus service. The six chosen locations each have their own programme and their own unmistakable character – six areas of creative activity which embody the spirit of innova-tion, the everyday routine of production and that special something which constitutes the added value of good design.

The first Designers’ Saturday took place in Langenthal in 1987. Since then there have been 15 of these biennial occasions, to provide support for the Swiss design scene whilst giving it a publicity platform and stimulating its further development.

Designers’ Saturday happens at a place where design is actually created. Designers’ Saturday is not just a product show held on characterless trade fair premises. Instead it is a stage where authentic design skills are put on view at the atmospheric production sites of the companies involved.

The event is an international meeting point for the design world. The presentations of numerous internationally known firms will be accompanied by the Cartes Blanches of both national and international colleges of art and design.

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