Largest pendant light in the world


The design luminaire manufacturer SATTLER succeeded in breaking into new luminaire dimensions with the largest pendant luminaire ever produced for the newly designed CCH Congress Center Hamburg. The basis of the light object was the design by the architects‘ consortium agnLeusmann with Tim Hupe Architekten. With a gigantic diameter of 18 metres at the top ring and 10 metres at the bottom ring, the light spiral is the highlight in the entrance area. Due to a profile height of 25 cm and a width of 7 cm, the profile segments, joined together with concealed screw connections, appear very filigree, so that the luminaire seems to float weightlessly as a unit in this space. The light spiral sets new standards in dimension and design, not least due to the noble surface structure and the specially developed technology. A maximum of precision and expertise was demonstrated by the SATTLER installation team during the installation of the luminaire.


18 m maximum diameter

8.5 m height difference

208 running metres

1,200 kg total weight

105 suspensions  and 5 supply lines

External, revisable technical units

Approx. 20 m installation height


The light spiral, which is in no way oversized in view of the overall dimensions of the foyer, has seemingly no beginning and no end and, as the centre of the extension, represents its connecting key element. It consists of 58 aluminium profile segments with a total length of 208 running metres. Already during in-house production, the gigantic dimensions of the luminaire presented new challenges to everyone involved. Only specially developed electronics based on 48V LED technology made the required long cable lengths possible. The total weight of the luminaire of 1.2 tons had to be anchored securely to 105 steel cables with 1.5mm diameter and the necessary technical units had to be placed invisibly in the ceiling.

Project: CCH Hamburg
Builders: CCH Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG
Architect: Arbeitsgemeinschaft  TIM HUPE Architekten mit agn Leusmann
Design light spiral: TIM HUPE Architekten
Other project participants: Sprinkenhof, Bartenbach Lichtdesign
Photo: Piet Niemann | SATTLER | Achim Scholz

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