If it can’t be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled or composted, then it should be restricted, redesigned or removed from production.

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The SATTLER Sustainability Strategy

Our Focus: Circular Economy

The circular economy principles are at the core of our sustainability strategy. We want to prevent – ideally eliminate – recycling of our luminaires. That is why we are already doing everything we can to manufacture our products in such a way that reuse, refurbish or remanufacture becomes “normal”. For this reason, we have also created the sub-brand SATTLER-RE. With it, we close the loop, so to speak, by remanufacturing returned products and putting them back on the market. 

Our Take-Back-Guarantee is the basis for this process. Only if our luminaires, after however many years, find their way back to our factory, they can be professionally and meaningfully reprocessed for a second life. The reconditioning and reuse of products is a matter of course. This is not a new phenomenon. Generations before us have already done this very extensively. Unfortunately, this culture was lost with the “Wirtschaftswunder” and the prosperity that came with it.

Sustainable Production and Regional Sourcing

Applying circular economy principles seriously today demands to build our luminaires differently – compared to the past. Even though we have always manufactured in a very quality-conscious and sustainable way. An important design factor today is how we can disassemble and refurbish luminaires in 10 years if necessary. This changes the design and manufacturing process from the early stages.

Ever since the first SATTLER luminaires were manufactured, we have relied on cooperation with regional suppliers and workshops. In the region around Stuttgart, we can draw on an extensive knowledge of materials, material processing and production methodologies. This know-how makes our luminaires a regional product throughout almost the entire value chain. We believe in Germany as a production location and “made-in-Germany”. And not only in the context of the supply chain, but especially to produce the best possible product for our customers.

CSR – Candid Responsibility

With the new construction of our manufactory and the administration building in 2015, a new chapter in the company’s history began. The risk of the financial investment was offset by securing the success of the business and safeguarding jobs. We have created a working environment and culture that shows how much we see ourselves as having a social responsibility. For the people who work at SATTLER, for our supplier partners and for the region.

Independant Certifications & Reportings

The first Global Compact Report in 2015 started the “reflection”. Reflecting on sustainability and what it means in the big picture. The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the United Nations (UN) create a very holistic basis for sustainable work for everyone. Whether individuals, groups or companies. In addition to the “global initiative,” we are also partners with the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany on the WIN Charta and will be doing our first reporting in 2023. Creating a report is one thing, but implementing set goals is a daily challenge – and a “sustainable” reminder in daily activities.

The work on the Cradle-to-Cradle certification and with Climate Partner as well as with ecovadis (emissions certification) are very important to us. With each collaboration comes new knowledge, new ideas and fresh thoughts. And, it strengthens our awareness on a whole level. We don’t want to be certified just for the sake of being certified. We want to act authentically and comprehensibly sustainably as a whole and throughout all processes. For us, for the region and especially for the next generation.

We regularly report on our environmental activities and publish and check our annual water consumption values.

Partnerships with Added Value

We have been a CONCULAR partner since early 2022. It was a conscious decision to enter into this partnership. Why? We are convinced that our society and our entire economy are already benefiting from it and will of course continue to do so in the future. Of course, to contribute to the reduction of emissions, but also because it will create completely new opportunities. Keyword “re-culture”. CONCULAR is taking the right path and showing us all not only an ecological way, but also an economic one. We believe in alliances like this. That is why we also maintain a constant dialog with customers and other partners in our universe. Only through exchange and joint initiatives can added value and progress be created.

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