With the PURE MOTION concept, luminaires from the SATTLER portfolio can be motor-controlled and transformed into fascinating light art objects.


“PURE MOTION” is a work of light art that allows various interpretations – “slim in motion” – changeability in small steps, i.e. remaining as you are, but also always being able to take on a different self of yourself and new forms – changeability with complete control. Realised here as a light object “PURE MOTION SLIM” according to the idea of Yener and Tolga Gündug, LICHT CUBE OHG, using three rings of different diameters from our SLIM series.

PURE MOTION: Luminaires in different diameters, each on three filigree steel cables, can be individually controlled in height and angle of inclination via a smart control system. Whether airy on one level or at different heights, whether room-filling, low-hanging or playfully inclined in a spiral. Movement, flexibility and functionality are the hallmarks of this luminaire ensemble. The number of rings, colour temperature, diameter as well as the surfaces of the luminaires and the ceiling canopy can be individually selected.

3 luminaires with 3 suspensions each are operated by a total of 9 motors. The sophisticated control system allows each suspension point to be controlled separately, which makes a great variety of positions and movement patterns possible. Each motor can be controlled with an accuracy of 1/10mm and the movements are completely stepless thanks to the use of special motors.

Control is app-controlled and is also possible via programmed switches, a touchpad, tablet or smartphone. A remote control or an existing home control system can also be connected. Different positions of the ring lights are pre-programmed so that absolute user-friendliness and simple recall of the positions at the touch of a button is guaranteed.

Technical requirements: The motion images are controlled via a web interface (local Wifi) using a smartphone, tablet or PC. A LAN connection and Wifi should be provided on site for this purpose, into which the Pure Motion can be integrated. No internet access is necessary, the luminaire is controlled exclusively in the local network.

The scope of delivery includes 4 motion images, further motion images can be requested and ordered separately from SATTLER.

Further information on request.

The portfolio of our cooperation partner LICHT CUBE OHG also includes other variants of the “IN MOTION” with various other lights, such as “STONE IN MOTION“.

First Idea, Design: Yener und Tolga Gündug, LICHT CUBE OHG

Manufacturer: SATTLER GmbH

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