Breuninger, Stuttgart

Premium Designer Floor Stuttgart
Premium Designer Floor Stuttgart
Premium Designer Floor Stuttgart


as Shop Lighting

What should be the look of a store design that reflects the value of luxury products without depriving them of the space to unfold their effect? With the redesign of the jewelry and leather goods area of the Breuninger flagship store in Stuttgart, the interior designers from blocher partners have succeeded in providing an impressive answer. As here at BREUNINGER in Stuttgart, the modular FAVO THE LIGHT NET by SATTLER supports the desired flexibility in lighting control and the matching noble look the sophisticated store design. Whether large-area or accentuated light, the application areas of the system are manifold: From curated areas in retail to exhibitions and events – constantly changing requirements find their solution in individual light compositions.

Creative lighting compositions

Each spot of the lighting network can be controlled individually, in groups or by calling up predefined scenes via the SATTLER web interface, so there are no limits to creative lighting design.

The technology: Three spots per node emitting light directly, equipped with lens technology and a beam angle of 18° each. Arranged with 30° inclination in opposite directions. Another lens on the top of the node allows switchable indirect light. State-of-the-art, efficient LED technology with 8 watts and 640 lumens total luminous flux provide FAVO THE LIGHT NET for accentuated or wide-area lighting. The extremely thermally conductive thermoplastic base material ensures uniform cooling and a sophisticated appearance. On request, the matt black structure can also be supplied in selected special colors, as at BREUNINGER in Stuttgart.

Project: BREUNINGER, Stuttgart
Architect: blocher partners
Lighting design: Rhein Licht, Düsseldorf
Photo: Joachim Grothus

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