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SATTLER-RE is a sub-brand of the SATTLER Lighting brand and an important part of our sustainability and circular economy strategy. The core of SATTLER-RE is circularity.


SATTLER-RE’s brand promise is “lighting built to last”. Recycling is actually not an option for us. However, we are the first lighting manufacturer to offer a take-back guarantee for our luminaires. The goal is to ensure that our luminaires have a second life. >> Click here to go directly to the SATTLER-RE online shop.


The circular economy is at the heart of our sustainability strategy. We want to prevent – ideally eliminate – recycling of our luminaires. That is why we are already doing everything we can to manufacture our products in such a way that reconditioning becomes “normal”.


The take-back guarantee is the foundation for this process. Only if the lamps, after however many years, find their way back to our manufactory, they can be professionally and meaningfully refurbished for a 2nd life. The reconditioning and reuse of products is a matter of course. This is not a new phenomenon. The generations before us already did this very intensively. Unfortunately, this culture got lost over the past centuries due to the prosperity that came with it.


As an experienced “made-in-Germany” luminaire manufacturer, we are already transforming our production to ensure that, regardless of when, today, in 5, 10 or 20 years’ time, we will be able to bring our luminaires back into the new product life cycle as reused, refurbished or remanufactured.


Our approach therefore begins with the design of the products. The method of “design according to sustainability guidelines” has also become known as eco-design. Our goals of the nature of this design method are:

is designed as a process


Take-back guarantee and repurchase of SATTLER lights

(incl. disassembly and return transport)


Reconditioning of luminaires for the 2nd life:

reuse, refurbish or remanufacture in our manufactory.



Resale of reconditioned luminaires:


Webshop, distribution & partners


The Circularity Principles at SATTLER

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